В вестнике Международной Ассоциации Детской Трансплантологии за сентябрь вышла статья, посвящённая VII летней школе по трансплантации, прошедшей этим летом.


The IPTA Executive Committee and two former presidents of IPTA, Drs. Richard Fine and Richard Trompeter, had the opportunity to participate in the recent Pediatric Organ Transplantation Summer School, organized by Drs. Michael Kaabak and Nadeen Babenko of the Petrovsky Research Center of Surgery in Moscow. Two days of in depth discussions covering all aspects of pediatric kidney, heart and liver transplantation were presented to an audience of some 150 pediatric transplant specialists, mostly nephrologists and surgeons from all over Russia. The venue was near Tver, an hour north of Moscow. The talks were well received, with questions and discussion from the audience and among the speakers.
The pediatric kidney transplant program in Russia is the largest pediatric kidney transplant program in Russia, and performs some 30 transplants in children annually; it is the only program in Russia transplanting kidneys into small children under 5 years of age.